memorial day must haves!

you cant go to the beach or lake this year without these fun items!

1. initial coozies: these coozies are too cute!! they are super sturdy and have a bottom! you will definitely be the 'coolest' whether you are at the pool, beach or in your own backyard.

2. insulated market tote: NEW! the perfect go anywhere tote! this tylish market tote is great for picnics, going to the lake, bringing your favorite snacks to the ball field and so much more! features a zippered top with a fully lined and insulated interior. collapses for easy storage.

3. sandy feet: bring it to the beach and create a keepsake that will hold the memory of sun, fun, and family for years to come. a perfect parent and child activity - as easy as 1, 2, 3. just step into the sand, mix water with plaster, and pour into the footprint. out comes a perfect, personalized, sand-covered impression of the child’s foot capturing not only the sand from a favorite family vacation but also a precious moment in time.

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